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ACADEMY (Years 7-12)


Our Academy (BSA) is a High School Equivalent for talented students. Through audition, Australia’s most gifted performers come to BSA for Years 7-12 to complete their High School education remotely and excel in their performing arts training. Focusing equally on Academics and Elite Performing Arts Training, graduates of this incredible program include Michael Dameski, Paris Cavanagh, Cassie Bartho, Mitchell Woodcock, Robbie Kmetoni, Alex Miedzinski and many more.

The Academy students are exceptional; when they step out into the world after school they are distinguishable by their maturity, professionalism and strong sense of self, all of which is attained through the structure of the Academy. 

Daily, each student studies 3 hours of academics through our partnership with Distance Education providers. We employ three academic supervisors, along with subject-specific tutors, to support students with their school work.

After academics, students are trained in intensive dancing, singing and acting classes, driving them to expedited growth and an unmatched determination. Performing Arts classes are held each day for 3 hours. Classes are taught by Brent Street’s faculty, made up of Australia’s most influential and leading educators in this industry – most of which were once students of our Academy! 

In addition to their academics and performing arts, the Academy includes a Performance Training Program enrolment (an additional 13 hours of training per week), the opportunity to complete a Certificate IV in Dance in Years 11/12, and access to physiotherapy, mental wellness and student development services – all on-site.

How is a typical day for bsa students structured?

Each day at BSA is scheduled slightly differently, however always includes 3 hours of Academics and 3 hours of Performing Arts training. Students arrive daily at 8:45am sharp for Roll Call. For example, Monday timetable is as follows:

  • 8:45am – Roll Call
  • 9:00am – Academics
  • 12:15pm – Lunch
  • 1:00pm – Performing Arts class #1
  • 2:30pm – Performing Arts class #2
  • 4:00pm – End of Day

In addition to their school day at the Academy, students of BSA will then continue training in Brent Street’s Performance Training Program on three week nights, plus Saturdays. The integration with this training program invites students to expand upon even more styles of dance and valuable hours of training. The Performance Training Program membership (valued at $7,995 per year) is included in the Brent Street Academy tuition fees.

Is there a teacher to help them with their studies?

Yes, we have a full time NSW accredited secondary educator who assists with their studies. In addition to this, Brent Street Academy offers sessions with tutors that specialise in key learning areas.

What learning facilities are there for the students?

Brent Street has a classroom learning space for BSA students, which includes personal lockers, internet access and printers. Each student will require their own stationery and electronic learning device (such as a laptop) as BSA is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school. For a full list of requirements, please see the Course Prospectus. The BSA classroom also offers various break-out spaces for examinations, tests, meetings and group-specific work. The Brent Street studio complex offers ten state-of-the-art dance studios and a sun-filled courtyard for lunchtime. These iconic studios are located at Disney Studios, Sydney’s entertainment hub. You never know who might be in and around Brent Street each day!

How can i be assured that my child’s academics won’t falter at bsa?

Education and study is the number one priority at Brent Street Academy. Our academic supervisor ensures that all students are on track with their learning and keeps constant contact between student, parents and teachers to ensure progress in the student’s academics. Only when students have completed their daily learning, they can participate in their Performing Arts classes. Along with the incredible Performing Arts training offered, our students are constantly achieving excellence in their academic results.

How does the distance education process work?

Brent Street Academy students are required to enrol in an approved provider of Distance Education prior to their commencement at the Academy. We can provide you with a list of Distance Education providers for you to choose from. Fees for Distance Education are not included in the Brent Street Academy course fees and is payable directly to the provider.

Do students get their high school certificate (hsc) and an australian tertiary admissions rank (atar)?

Students can receive a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), which is equivalent to the New South Wales HSC. Students are encouraged to choose to receive an ATAR in Years 11 and 12, however this is not compulsory. ATAR requirements are discussed with the student and parents when forming their Individual Learning Plan.

Course Financing

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