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Full Time  2 YEARS

Evolving greatly over the last decade, our Contemporary course was born out of recognising the need for a course that not only offers quality company training, but one that has direct links to companies and choreographers across Australia, New Zealand and the world. This two year course, now leading the way in Australia, provides intensive contemporary training and is designed to respond to the needs of contemporary dancers and dance-makers working within the industry today.

Students are trained at a high level across a range of internationally recognised contemporary techniques including Graham, Horton, Release Technique, Partner Work, Floorwork and Tumbling, Composition and Improvisation, with a minimum of three hours technique class or repertoire each day. The course also has a strong emphasis on classical ballet, while also incorporating small but concentrated aspects of lyrical, jazz, PCT and Gyrokenisis to produce a well-rounded and employable dancer.. As an Advanced Diploma level course, students are required to complete a wide variety of theory work based around analysis, evaluation and reflection.

Both the training and theoretical aspects of the course are delivered across the two years, as opposed to completing two identical years of training back to back. Work placement opportunities, performances, and featured roles in our graduation are exclusive to those in their graduating year. The combination of practical and theoretical classes makes for an all-round performer with longevity on their horizon.

Our Contemporary course fosters learning, reflection, research and creative discovery, pushing each student to achieve their unique potential as a Contemporary artist.


CUA60120 Advanced Diploma of Professional Dance (Elite Performance)

Course Units

Course units in bold are Core Units. All other units are electives, selected by our team to craft an exclusive course.

CUACHR413 Develop choreography skills
CUACHR511 Create and perform complex dance pieces
CUACHR611 Create choreography for stage and screen
CUADAN513 Refine dance techniques
CUADAN517 Refine dance partnering techniques
CUADAN518 Develop expertise in allied contemporary dance techniques
CUADAN617 Extend dance techniques to a professional level
CUADAN618 Extend contemporary dance performance skills to a professional level
CUADAN631 Perform dance repertoire at a professional level
CUAIND611 Work professionally in the creative arts industry
CUAPRF412 Develop conceptual and expressive skills as a performer
CUAPRF420 Develop on-camera performance skills
CUAPRF511 Refine performance techniques
CUAPRF513 Prepare for and perform in competitive environments
CUARES601 Research and apply concepts of live performance practice
CUAWHS511 Maintain a high level of fitness for performance
CUAWHS611 Apply advanced gym and weight training to dance
CUAWHS612 Develop strategies for maintaining resilience in a competitive environment

Course Fees

2x payments of $500 and 44x payments of $681.59

All students are placed on a payment plan to assist with affordability. Please see Course Outline for finer details and dates of this schedule. Students are subject to some additonal fees related to performances and costuming. See Fees and Refund policy for more information.

Entry Requirements
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand resident/citizen
  • Be able to communicate, comprehend and write effectively in English
  • Complete a successful audition to secure a position in the course
Audition Requirements
  • Provide a recent headshot and CV
  • Participate in either an online video submission or in-person audition
  • Demonstrate strong dance ability in at least 2 styles. If auditioning online, learn and demonstrate the specified routines via supplied tutorials
  • Participate in an interview with our staff

Course Financing

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