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Musical Theatre

Full time  |  2 Years

Our beloved Musical Theatre course is one of the most in-demand in Australia. Celebrating 10 years in 2023, it has expanded to offer two years of training with an equal focus on dancing, singing and acting.

Throughout the course, students undergo a schedule of classes including Jazz Technique, Ballet, Contemporary, Voice Work, Ensemble Singing, Audition Repertoire, Commercial Jazz, Theatre
Jazz, Tap, Acting, Improvisation and Workshops/Mock Auditions with Industry Professionals. The timetable offers the unique ability to cater to both the experienced dancer and those needing a more foundational approach. This streaming is also woven into singing and music theory lessons, offering a truly personalised experience. Students also have access to private singing lessons, with vocal coaches hand-picked by our esteemed Head of Vocal Studies, Tony McGill. We train with triple-threats in mind, however we are just as focussed on developing the interested and interesting storyteller. From Classical Ballet to Commercial Jazz, Stanislavsky to Sondheim, our students are encouraged to question the what, where, why, who and how?

Students embrace a variety of artistic opportunities and get a taste of both solo and ensemble performance, working towards more challenging material and featured roles in their second year. This is complemented with industry relevant theory and research work that sparks curiosity, develops historical knowledge and creates future trailblazers.

Sydney is consistently proving itself to be the artistic hub of both Independent and Commercial Theatre, making it the perfect city to immerse yourself in as a budding performer – and our course the ultimate choice for the next generation.


CUA50220 Diploma of Musical Theatre

Course Units

Units in bold are Core Units. All other units are electives, selected by our team to craft an exclusive course.

CUAACT411 Use acting techniques in performance
CUAIND412 Provide freelance services
CUAMPF417 Develop vocal techniques
CUAMPF615 Develop advanced vocal techniques
CUAMUP511 Apply theatrical make-up and hairstyles
CUAPRF412 Develop conceptual and expressive skills as a performer
CUAPRF418 Perform solo in a musical theatre context
CUAPRF419 Perform in a musical theatre ensemble
CUAPRF511 Refine performance techniques
CUAPRF513 Prepare for and perform in competitive environments
CUAPRF514 Refine musical theatre techniques
CUAPRF611 Extend musical theatre performance techniques to a professional level
CUAVOS411 Develop singing techniques for musical theatre
CUAVOS412 Develop specialist singing techniques for musical theatre repertoire
CUAVOS413 Develop vocal techniques for musical theatre
CUAWHS511 Maintain a high level of fitness for performance

Course Fees

$16,995 per year

Students are subject to some additonal fees related to performances and costuming. See Fees and Refund policy for more information.

Entry Requirements
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand resident/citizen
  • Be able to communicate, comprehend and write effectively in English
  • Complete a successful audition to secure a position in the course
Audition Requirements
  • Provide a recent headshot and CV
  • Participate in either an online video submission or in-person audition
  • Demonstrate dance ability in at least 1 style. If auditioning online, learn and demonstrate the specified routines via supplied tutorials
  • Perform 2 contrasting solo songs (such as a ballad and up-tempo)
  • Perform a monologue, selected from the supplied list
  • Participate in an interview with our staff

Course Financing

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