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In 2024, Brent Street excitedly had the opportunity to collaborate with Paris Cav and take a select group of students to audition for America’s Got Talent. Now in its 19th Season, AGT is America’s #1 TV show, watched by more than 10 million each season. ‘The Journey to AGT’ is your all access, behind-the-scenes pass to the process and experience that was America’s Got Talent. Watch below!

After auditioning more than 200 of Brent Street’s students and coming up with a final 30, codename ‘Project30’ was born and we got to work on ‘Hope’, our audition performance. After months of rehearsal, the P30 crew were ready and it was time to go to Los Angeles. They gave their all on stage… a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

Thank you Howie, Sofia, Heidi, Simon and the entire AGT team. We are beyond thankful to receive a Golden Buzzer and we’re excited to come back for the live shows.