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Dance Life

Brent Street is the home of Dance Life, exclusively available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide. Following the Class of 2022 Cohort, Dance Life takes a never-before-seen look into the ups and downs, highs and lows of a Brent Street Full Time student.

For these students, the fight for their dreams has just begun… which of them will make it?

Dance Life follows a select group of students throughout their final make-or-break year at Australia’s elite dance studio, Brent Street. Bringing with them a lifetime of dance, students arrive at Brent Street single-minded in their ambition to become working dancers and stars. It won’t be easy.

To make it through the year, they will need stamina and tenacity as they work tirelessly towards the year-end Grad performance. It’s there they hope to secure that all-important agent who could make their dreams of becoming a professional dancer come true.

From perfectionists to prodigies, and underdogs to the entitled, each has their own inner voice of doubt battling against an insatiable drive to make it. Which will prevail? Who will succeed in an industry where your best friend is a competitor, where the possibility of career-ending injury is ever-present and where perfection is praised but baring your soul gives you an edge.

All may have the spark, but who has the fire?

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