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Scholarships & Bursaries

It’s no secret that the Performing Arts can be an expensive activity to participate in. We recognise the socio-economic and geographic barriers that certain communities face when trying to access quality training in dancing, singing and acting. Brent Street has a well established scholarship and bursary program for a wide range of its courses and programs.

Full Time Courses and Academy

Standard Scholarship

Our scholarships are designed to recognise and celebrate exceptional talent and work ethic. Scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis by the audition panel and are open to any prospective student auditioning for our Full Time Courses or Academy. If successful, the student is required to meet quarterly with their Course Coordinator to asses their course progress and ensure they are setting a high standard in their course work and personal conduct.

We believe that scholarships are earnt, therefore our scholarship students are not required to fulfill any additional hours or work in-lieu of the scholarship value. For students seeking assistance on the basis of financial need, please see Bursaries.

Total offering: ranges from 10-50% of course fees

How to apply: All applicants for our Full Time Courses and Academy are automatically considered for a scholarship in their audition. We recommend that you discuss scholarship options with our team in your audition interview.

BIPOC Scholarship

With a history of inaccessibility, our industry can lack diversity, resulting in an inaccurate representation of our people. We don’t just dream of – we see a future where every cast and crew is a mirror image of the world we live in. It’s our job, a company with a platform, to be the catalyst for this change. In the interest of accessibility, accurate representation, reparation and inclusion, we’ve launched a BIPOC scholarship for our Full Time Courses and Academy.

Total offering: up to 100% of total course fees

How to apply: Applicants should follow the Standard Scholarship application procedure (see above) and indicate in their interview that they wish to be considered for this specific scholarship.

Bursary (Financial Aid)

A bursary is a type of scholarship awarded on the basis of financial need, rather than talent. Brent Street bursaries are paid personally by Lucas Newland (Managing & Creative Director) and are available to any auditionee whose household earns a combined income of less than $75,000 (or independent students who earn less than $45,000) and supplies supporting documentation.

Total offering: ranges from 10-50% of course fees

How to apply: Applicants must include the following documentation to support their application:

  1. a one-page written essay, explaining why a bursary is required,

  2. the most recent ATO Notice of Assessment for all members of their household (or, if living independently, their own ATO Notice of Assessment),

  3. the last 3 payslips for ALL members of their household (or, if living independently, their last 3 payslips).

Once you audition and receive a Letter of Offer, please supply the above documentation to enrolments@brentstreet.com.au to be considered for a Bursary.


Performance Training Program (PTP)

PTP Scholarship

The Performance Training Program (PTP) is an intensive training regime for kids aged 7-18 who wish to work towards career in the Performing Arts. With a compulsory timetable of up to 13 classes per week, we offer scholarships to recognise and celebrate gifted performers and hard workers. 

Total offering: up to 100% of Performance Training Program fees, for one year

How to apply: While the PTP doesn’t require an audition to join, if students wish to be selected for a scholarship, they must attend the annual PTP Scholarship Audition day (usually held in February of each year). The Audition day consists of 1-3 classes in various dance genres, where an audition panel will asses each applicant. Students are provided with feedback and successful scholarships are awarded within 1 week of the audition day. 

For more information regarding Scholarships and Bursaries, please contact us.