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Fundamental Classes

In these fundamental classes students are introduced to basic techniques essential for the developing actor.  Classes begin with a vocal and physical warmup and exercises are introduced that develop listening and observation skills.  Learning to share, to not judge and respect others in a safe environment is fundamental to developing empathy and a strong ensemble work ethic.

Term One – Voice and Technique

Term one focusses on building a toolkit of skills that are vital to every actor.  Exercises that encourage sensory awareness – listening, observing, physical and emotional awareness form the foundation of this programme.  All classes begin with a voice and body warmup and script work is introduced.

Term Two – Scripts and more

Term two is about reinforcing the foundations already in place with a strong emphasis on voice and movement. Students will work towards ‘freeing’ the voice, developing projection, intonation and colour in the sounds they produce. Through in-depth movement study students will learn how to discover the unique physicality of the characters they play.  More challenging scenes and script analysis is explored, further consolidating the foundation skills from term one.

Term Three – Introducing Accents and Scene Work

American accent technique is introduced as part of the voice component of the class.  Students will extend their skills that help them embody character physically and vocally.  New techniques and skills are applied to scene work.

Term Four – Flying Solo

Time for students to apply their technique and fly solo!  It is monologue term.  Every aspiring actor needs to have at least one or two age appropriate audition monologues at the ready.  Preparing a monologue requires each student to read and research the play or source of their chosen monologue to fully understand the writer’s intent.



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